Airtracks for home use

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Get started with your own Airtrack at home

Many of your have most likely seen or tried one of these popular Airtrack gymnastic mats. But what is so special about them and why are more and more people getting an Air track to use for home training? This is something we are going to take a closer look at today. Let' start out with telling a bit about Airtracks in general.

Over the last 5 years more and more people have started buying an Airtrack for home training. Maybe because they have a big one at the kids gymnastic club, or because on of their friends have one. If you are into tumbling, gymnastics, cheerleading or parkour then an Airtrack will make it much easier to practice your jumps and become better quickly. 

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Choose a non-toxic Airtrack

If you have decided to buy an Airtrack for yourself or your child it's important to find the right model.
Selecting the properly length and height effects how useful it will be for the user, but there's another aspect that is far more important and something that almost none even think about.
Most of the plastic sporting equipment these days are produced in China. And in order to keep the production costs down, most add something called phthalates in order to make hard and cheap plastic more soft. The problem with these phthalates chemicals are that most of them are highly toxic and can cause hormonal damage when you are in contact with them over a longer period of time. 
Using an Airtrack filled with phthalates now and then, no problem. But if you start to use it several times a week and your bare skin is often in direct contact with the plastic then it starts to become a big problem. Long exposure to these chemicals have been shown to change hormone levels and cause birth defect. So when buying an Airtrack, it's always a good idea to check with the manifator and see if their models contains phthalates or not.

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Choose the best size

The longer an Airtrack you choose, the more expensive and more heavy. The same goes for the heigh. There is a big difference in both weight and price if you compare a 10cm and a 20cm model.
So how do you choose the best size for your Air track? For complete beginners with no gymnastic or tumbling experience, a 10cm 3-4 meter model is often a great place to start.
For fitness training, parkour and cheerleading you may want to go with a little longer model, such as the 5 meter. The more skilled you are, the bigger an Airtrack should you get. A higher airtrack means more height on your jumps and more time in the air. A longer Air tracks enables you to combine more jumps in series or do more tumbling tricks. So another thing you could consider is getting a small 3 meter Airtrack when you are just starting out, and while you improve your skills on that one, save up for another 3 meter model. Some brands like GymPlay enables you to combine 2 small Airtracks through a piece of velcro and use them as one long Airtrack. Pretty clever if you ask me. For many this would be the optimal solution, also because this way you will in many cases, also be able to use it indoor. Something that rarely is possible with a 6-7 meter long Air track.

Mini Airtrack from GymPlay