Required Assist With Your Authorities Cub Precursor Spot Positioning?
For numerous parents, Cub Scout spot placement can be a little complicated.
There are a number of Scout rules and also guidelines to adhere to, as well as you do not intend to get it incorrect or encounter any ot

Thankfully, the main Boy Scout site ( has actually offered a practical overview that covers every little thing you need to recognize, including patch placement, badge kinds, as well as much more. You can ask your CUSTOM PATCH MAKER for assistance. Let's have a look!

Right Sleeve
On the appropriate sleeve, in the very first placement at the top, is the most essential spot: the American flag. The majority of brand-new uniforms ought to already have this flag sewn in the correct placement, yet in case it diminishes or is lost in some way, it's important to keep in mind where to position the flag spot.

Listed below the flag on the appropriate sleeve is a gold on blue spot standing for the den variety of the Scout. The spot should be straight listed below the flag spot and need to be so close that it's touching the flag.

Last is the "Trip to Quality" patch, where only the most current years' award must be. There's no demand to position every spot there-- just the existing year is needed!

Left Sleeve
At the top is the Council shoulder emblem. These patches are cut to fit the seam of the uniforms, so positioning the spot must be easy.

Below that are the pack number as well as the Veteran Unit Emblem, if required. While the pack number will constantly be consisted of, the Veteran Unit Emblem is just for packs that have been hired for 25 years or longer, in increments of 5. The Veteran Unit Emblem need to be put straight over the pack number.

A handy Cub Scout patch positioning pointer: when sewing on your pack numbers, stitch them together before stitching them onto the uniform. This conserves you the job of needing to stitch each number to the uniform separately, which is particularly helpful when your pack number has 3 or even more numbers!

In the last setting on the left sleeve are any type of Cub Scout pack badges of office.

Left Pocket
Above the pocket, focused in between the left shoulder seam and the top of the left shoulder pocket is the World Crest. There are likewise a variety of optional rings that can be placed around the globe Crest, if the Scout has gained any one of them.

On the left pocket are the badges of ranking. The patches ought to create a diamond, with Bobcat at the top, Bear on the right, Tiger on the base, and also Wolf on the.

On the right pocket flap is the Outdoor Activity Award spot. Any Type Of Summertime Pack Award pins are pinned to this spot as well.

Below the pocket flap, the Scout can wear a momentary patch of their option. Just one short-term spot might be used at a time, however these can be transformed at will. While the spots can of course be sewn onto the attire, take a look at other less-permanent screen choices like a plastic spot holder so your Scout can switch over patches whenever they desire!

Finally, if the Scout earns the Recruiter patch, it ought to be used directly below the appropriate pocket.

That covers every one of the standard Cub Scout patch placement. Your Scout is bound to gain plenty extra patches throughout their time in the Cub Scouts and also beyond, so consider other ways to present his patches on a coat or sash and even in a darkness box.

Delighted Scouting!