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Q: What are the specifications of ear wax cleaner?
A: Head Tips
Material: High Quality Silicone
Detachable: Yes
Washable: Yes

General Information
Handle: Comfort Grip
Material: Plastic (handle), silicone (tip)
Washable: Yes
A: is an effective, convenient and reusable solution to your ear wax accumulation problem. It has no drawbacks of ear drops (though you Arctos Portable AC might wish to use both methods simultaneously if your ear wax accumulation issue is bad enough) and, in contrast to q-tips and ear wax candles, actually works.
Q: How does ear wax cleaner works?
A: Each comes with 6 additional replaceable high grade silicon tips and a travel case.
Reviews – Scam or Real Earwax Removal Tool Results?

The is a straightforward ear cleaner for removing earwax. It also safely removes it from the ear without risking injury. is a safer and more effective alternative to cleaning your ears. It not only reaches more profound than a cotton swab, but it also rotates to remove even more gunk from the edges of your ear canals. Arctos Portable AC Is the Coolest Gadget for Sweltering Summer The tool eliminates any dried wax that has become lodged inside your ears, as well as any other debris. Through precise rotations, the device is ideal for eliminating dirt from the ear. can remove even dried impurities from the ear. The device provides 360-degree protection. Regular use can help to prevent ear deposits. has a flexible head that removes dirt painlessly and effortlessly.

Ear wax acts as a natural barrier for your ear canal, preventing sand, bugs, and dirt from entering and injuring your canal or eardrum. However, if ear wax accumulates excessively, it can impair your hearing — everything sounds muffled, and you may experience the sensation of being underwater. Cotton swabs are not intended for ear cleaning; in fact, they cause ear wax to be pushed down further the ear canal and not removed. They may also cause harm to your inner ear. This condition’s signs and symptoms include dizziness, ringing in the ears, discomfort, and hearing loss. Without the proper tool, earwax accumulates in the ear, preventing you from doing anything about it. https://www.prnewswire.com/new....s-releases/arctos-po