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Electric vehicles require completely different engine fluids than traditional internal combustion engines. Traditional lubricants are not an option for EVs, as they can post multiple problems starting from viscosity-related complications to corrosion of other elements of the EV design, all of which will seriously compromise the performance and longevity of the vehicle. The electric vehicle fluid is designed to effectively and efficiently meet a broad range of performance requirements and is engineered specifically for the high-tech powertrains of electrified vehicles. Electric vehicle fluids are not only essential for lubricating and cooling powertrains and transmission systems but they are also needed to stabilize the temperature of the vehicle's battery and power electronics. The heat transfer fluid is used to stabilize the temperature of the EV battery whereas E-grease is designed to counter noise, vibration, and harness (NVH) levels within the electric vehicles. The electric vehicle fluids help in the reduction of energy losses in the drivetrain system and the enhancement of EV Transmission efficiency. Electric vehicle fluids offer insulation to stop any arcing due to close contact with the electrical components of the vehicle. They help in cooling e-motors and gears and provide insulation to electric current, along with extending the lifetime of each electric motor part, and the mileage of EVs by improving machine efficiency.