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Plenty of fish add the Blind Date game to the Live stream. If you still not know about POF Live, it agrees POF members to Livestream and stays connect through video. Not sure how to useed Live!? you can read here how to live stream on POF. Here is I am writing about how to play blind date game on POF.
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Blind Date is really what it seems like – it offers persons the chance to meet and date through a timed POF video chat that depends solely on character as opposed to presence.
So if you are thoughtful about how does the Blind Date game work? Here’s all that you have to think about this new POF feature.

How Do I Play Blind Date Game On Plenty Of Fish
Just follow the following steps to play blind date game on POF.

1. Open the Plenty Of fish app and start Live.
2. Choice the third heading from the right called DATE.
3. This will bring you into NextDate and you can begin to look through persons who are as of now playing Blind Date.
4. This is specified with a blue casing around their photograph thumbnail that speaks Blind Date.
5. Everybody with a feature is an individual who is effectively playing the games and you can jump into their que to play as well.