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Economy of Thailand
The currency of the country is Thai baht. The symbol used for this currency is ฿, and it is abbreviated as THB. 1.1% of population in the country are unemployed. The total number of unemployed people in Thailand is 761,015. Each year, Thailand exports around $225.4 billion and imports roughly $219 billion. The Gini Index of the country is 39.4. Thailand has a Human Development Index (HDI) of 0.722.The Global Peace Index (GPI) for Thailand is 2.303. Thailand has a government debt of 43.3% of the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP), as assessed in 2012. Thailand is considered to be a developing nation.

Economy of Thailand - Confidus Solutions

Economy of Thailand - Confidus Solutions

The economy and investment potentials of Thailand. The official curency of the country is the ThaiBaht. According to the S&P credit-rating agency, Thailand has a credit rating score of BBB+, and the prospects of this rating are stable. The corporate