A quick guide to creating your family through Family Matters Surrogacy


Many couples struggle with infertility. Due to numerous medical reasons, women globally are unable to conceive naturally; that is when couples turn to other methods. Not being able to conceive naturally can be heartbreaking and impact relationships for couples. The disappointment of seeing the negative line on a pregnancy test every month alone can be stressful. If you are facing this situation, then do not worry. There is hope for you, and that hope is Family Matters Surrogacy.
Couples, when exploring options for having a family, you may come across the term “surrogacy” or “family surrogacy.” Surrogacy is when intended parents use the help of a gestational carrier to carry their baby/babies for them. Surrogacy is intended to help families that cannot carry a pregnancy on their own.
Gestational carriers also known as Surrogate Mothers, are transferred embryos that have been prepared in a lab through IVF. The embryo and sperm can be that of the parents to be or sometimes using donors if the Intended parents are unable to provide this genetic material.
Gestational Carriers
If you’re a couple that is looking for a tiny miracle in your life, gestational carriers are your angels. Gestational carriers are women who carry the embryo and baby to full term. Family Matters Surrogacy is the agency that will help guide your surrogacy journey ensuring a great relationship with your surrogate, emotional assistance, and all the needs for a smooth journey to parenthood.
Family Matters Surrogacy
Surrogate mothers can be matched through an agency like Family Matters Surrogacy. This helps the parties have a smooth journey through the pregnancy and into parenthood.
Family Matters Surrogacy is a dream come true for many couples.
Now that you know what surrogacy and family surrogacy is, it is important to explore your options when it comes to agencies that provide these services. Family Matters Surrogacy is a San Diego based surrogacy agency that provides you with the best of care. Completing your family is not only your dream but our dream too! We are a comprehensive surrogacy agency working towards bringing smiles on the faces of parents and filling their homes with bundles of joy.
We provide constant support to gestational carriers/surrogate mothers throughout the pregnancy to ensure that they have everything they need. Surrogacy can be emotionally and physically tolling on the surrogate mother as well as the intended parents due to the sensitivity of the matter. We have a thorough matching process, sifting through surrogate applicants to ensure the best match is made possible. Your family is important to us!
For more information or to answer any questions that you may have, please explore our website https://www.familymatterssurrogacy.com/.
Let us take care of you because your family matters!