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Digitechx is uniquely organized to bridge the divide in ubiquitous coverage. Whether it is cellular or mission critical land mobile radio, we make communications seamless in our nation’s buildings. With turnkey solutions for ERRCS, IDAS and ODAS we are your in-building DAS specialist.

Our company provides ERRCS and Public Safety DAS systems to Commercial Enterprises, Multi-Family Developments, Commercial Developers, Educational Facilities, Hospitals, and Health Care Industries. We provide turnkey emergency responder solutions. Our services include design, integration, commissioning, and AHJ Certification for mandated distributed antenna systems. Our skilled staff and RF engineers are steeped in all aspects of construction, delivering cost-efficient systems that ensure code compliance. We are vertically integrated to handle all aspects of the design and integration of these complicated systems and attain certifications required for a certificate of occupancy.

Today more than ever we rely on our mobile handsets for business and personal connectivity. Our experts bridge the gap of poor coverage in our nation’s structures. Digitechx designs and integrates turnkey neutral host DAS solutions for the enterprise customer. We serve Commercial Properties, Hospitality & Casinos, Health Care, Multi-Family developments, Campuses, and Multi-Property Community Solutions. We self-perform all aspects of the design, engineering, integration, commissioning, and carrier acquisition.

In just two short decades, we have migrated from a wired to wireless infrastructure. In the wake of this migration, our nations buildings have not kept pace with this trend. Digitechx is organized to bridge that gap by solving all things wireless and providing ubiquitous coverage in our nation’s infrastructure.
We provide essential services for in-building communications including cellular, emergency responder radio coverage and converged wireless systems. With over 60 years of combined telecommunications experience, upper management is uniquely poised to lead this specialized industry into the 21st century.