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So there you're the product manager for a run-of-the-mill product. How often have you ever stuck yourself watching longingly over at one of those iPhones, Kindles, or a few different such tremendously suited products and even thought to your self "Now why could not I be the Product Manager for a cool product like that?" I even have one message for you - recover from it. It turns out that there are other product managers who are accountable for merchandise that can be even less cool than yours and they may be performing some quite awesome things to make their merchandise a success...

How One Goes About Buying Bullets
I'm sure that there are a number of you accessible who have very sturdy emotions about weapons and such. Let's put one's emotions apart for a couple of minutes and take a closer study of the issue of, what else, bullets. If you aren't an avid survivalist or hunter, you probably haven't purchased bullets before.

It turns out that human beings truly care approximately what gun they purchase. However, bullets are nearly an afterthought purchase. Sorry about that bullet product manager. Rob Walker over on the New York Times was given inquisitive about this product conundrum while he researched a corporation known as Alliant Techsystems (ATK)Building The Better Bullet (Brand)
The subsequent line of bullets that ATK added out turned into known as Fusion. With this product line, the product managers at ATK were concentrated on (sorry!) the 25-35-yr-old deer hunters. In order to seize their eye, the organization created a brand new "aggressive" box layout and even went up to now as to add a foil label. They essentially pimped the field.

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